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Vodka Bacon Studios is curating an entire section of this years St. Louis Worlds Fare held September 12, 13 and 14 in Forest Park. We are EXTREMELY excited about this event that is estimated to bring modestly around 30,000+ attendees! Vodka Bacon Studios is putting together our own version of an artisan walk called “Peddlers Row”! We are looking for local vendors to occupy only 11 spots at this event.  At Peddlers Row” we are offering placement for a very low cost of $275 for a 10’X10’ tent spot for the entire three days. (a vendors license is required and easy to obtain). TENT SPACE PROVIDED! No tent set-up required, just set-up your space as creatively as you want and sell your product or service in front of 30,000+ people! 30,000!!! The St. Louis World's Fare will be very heavily marketed and televised. The campaign begins soon.


“Peddlers Row” will be nothing like anybody has seen. We are going All Out by bringing in sideshow performers, Muny backdrops, creative tenting and MORE!!  Peddler's Row will attract everyone that walks onto the fare grounds.



Your name and website will be listed on the home page and will be announced on our invites through email announcements, Peddler's Row event page, Facebook event invite and twitter announcements. More bang! We want you to be SEEN beyond the local coverage for this gigantic event. 


No submission fees! 


We are looking for Henna/temporary tattooing, jewelry, message, acupunturists, reiki, aromatherapy, incense, artists, palm reading, holistic products, refurbished and/or creative knick knacks and toys and more.. We are open for new ideas!


Please contact us at Or you can call Jason at (314)443-5647 to get more information. 



Jason Skrbec


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