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Vodka Bacon Studios was founded by Nelson Perez (artist) and Jason Skrbec (partner) in 2012. It started as a name for their Etsy site (closed) because Nelson felt it was too pretentious to go under "Nelson Perez Art". So they named it after two things they love, vodka and bacon!

Nelson Perez Jr, Artist/Painter


Nelson Perez Jr is a self-taught artist who exploded on to the scene in 2012 in Saint Louis, Missouri where he won an Artist of the Year Award. Since then, he has painted under the alias name Vodka Bacon Studios and participates in art events, festivals and museums which has gained him national recognition. Nelson’s work is a combination of pop, surrealism, psychedelic, contemporary and urban styles. His work is best described as whimsical, bright and provokes a feeling of joy and optimism. Nelson has developed a technique through multiple thin layers to create a rich, bold explosions of color and humor. His paintings are designed to show a true three-dimensional effect when combined with 3D glasses. The 3D effect gives an added layer of enjoyment; however, you can appreciate his work without it.

About Vodka Bacon Studios Events:

In 2014, Nelson and his partner Jason began to create their own unique art events that provided local seasoned and emerging artists with the opportunity to showcase their work.  However, soon after relocating to St. Petersburg, Florida in 2019, the pandemic hit.  Unfortunately, all events hosted by Vodka Bacon Studios have been on hold until further notice. 


Thank you to all of you who participated in our previous events. 

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