Vodka Bacon Studios originated in 2012. The name is derived from two things we love. It represents "Wild evenings with friends and great stories over breakfast!"

Nelson Perez Jr, Artist/Painter


I love creating whimsical, fun, cartoon style paintings with a contemporary twist. I have fun with bright colors and textures to express my thoughts and dreams onto canvas. I primarily paint with acrylics, but I have been known to oil it up a bit, and use mix media. I enjoy life, and I try to translate that feeling through my art. Every time someone tells me that one of my paintings makes them happy or that it reminds them of a good time, I know my message has been received. 


Most the content in my art comes from my many years working in the Social Service field. My work allowed me a unique opportunity to work with individuals and families for 12 years that had to live through situations I couldn't even imagine. When you see  people struggling and facing adversity every day, and still laugh and smile, it makes it hard not to try to find the joy in my own life and my artwork. Although at times life can be rough, my art is to help not take everything too seriously and there is an image for every voice in my head! :)

"There is an image for every voice in my head!"


Vodka Bacon Studios was founded by Nelson Perez (artist) and Jason Skrbec (partner) in 2012. It started as a name for their Etsy site (closed) because Nelson felt it was too pretentious to go under "Nelson Perez Art". So they named it after two things they love, vodka and bacon! 

"OUR purpose is to have local art projects and events that reflect the ideology of Vodka Bacon Studios, which is simply to enjoy life and bring everyone along. In a world filled with alarming political and environmental concerns, art can be the ultimate vacation."

About the Art and Events:

Nelson Perez has gained recognition across the United States with his whimsical, urban, cartoon style pop artistry. His art is a combination of pop, surrealism, contemporary, urban and whimsical influences. The artwork consists of bright, colorful, smile provoking pieces that leave viewers with a sense of joy and optimism. Besides using MAGIC to produce 3D paintings over many years, Nelson’s procedure is based upon colors through a special prism-like holographic film fitted into glasses. Nelson plans his paintings from beginning to end with layers of acrylic paint to build colors, highlight and shadow his subject matters to create the illusion of forward and backward realistic three-dimensional pleasure.  Nelson’s technique allows the paintings to be enjoyed with or without 3D glasses, with no blurring, double images or any obvious visual disorientation.

In 2014, Nelson teamed with Jason Skrbec and began to tailor fun, unique events that provide local seasoned and emerging artists with the opportunity to showcase their work in an unusual way. The shows are targeted to an adult audience laced with childlike exaggerations, kitsch and whimsicality. These art shows come alive into fantasy focused immersive cocktail parties.  VBS art events are social in nature. They are designed to directly engage attendees with the artist. These shows bring the art and gallery surroundings to life with majestic décor and mobile performances. 






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